KITRUM’s Ukrainian partner works on an American project through UNBENCH

In June 2021, an American e-commerce company, reached out Kitrum to create a virtual shop, including a mobile app and a website. The company aimed to develop an e-commerce platform with virtual reality and social media elements. Client's intention was to develop a virtual store, space for sellers, and buyers, an admin panel, and internal social media.

As a result of becoming our partner via UNBENCH, – Ukrainian company OTAKOYI, immediately started working on a project in June 2021.

OTAKOYI - a software design and development company from Ukraine with NTT in the USA, having over 100 team members on board.

Primarily, the project needed UI/UX designer.

Within 7 days, one UI/UX designer was onboarded, whereas the competition was 3 specialists for a position. The application process for an assignment included an interview with a client, while knowledge of the English language KITRUM did not check due to the results from previous interviews. Nevertheless, this stage usually is mandatory.

A few details about the workflow:

For everyday communication, we use Slack

For the weekly meetings, we use Handouts

For Project Management, we use Jira

Team members say:

"The client is open to changes and willing to expand the team. The communication is going on well. However, there is a lack of sync-ups. Meanwhile, the project is long-term and still in progress."
Idil Akdos

As the technical team showed a good performance, we managed to onboard 1 more UI/UX designer and 1 Node.js Developer according to the client's request.

Team members say:

"Currently, the project is in the process of development before the MVP version release. Approximately, the release will be in March."
Idil Akdos

Since OTAKOTI company applied on our platform UNBENCH and became our partner company - we successfully onboarded 4 specialists from this company on a long-term American project.

Our platform not only unbench your specialists but also provides full support. Starting with providing financial and legal guarantees of timely payment of your specialists' work on our projects, finishing with correctly resenting your specialists' CVs, and helping to prepare for a successful interview with the client.

In case you consider onboarding specialists from your company on long-term and well-paid projects, KITRUM provides an ideal opportunity. Join UNBENCH and unbench your workers with ease.