Petterson Apps got the project on a turn-key basis

About the project:

The central hub of television streaming, decided to develop an app from scratch. The app would allow consumers to discover a high volume of television content through streaming services all in one place. The Project tech stack is an android TV App.

About the partner:

UNBENCH platform made it possible for Ukrainian outsource IT company PettersonApps to partner up with KITRUM, which resulted in successful collaboration. PettersonApps is an experienced team of 150+ members specializing in website development, mobile app development, and software development for TV companies.


Since PettersonApps can develop software for TV companies, KITRUM utterly transferred the Project from a client, to a Ukrainian partner. Not only we assigned the project but gave them the possibility to work on behalf of their company.


The PettersonApps team developed an advanced and customized app that lets users view a large amount of television content from streaming services in one place. The app enables extensive subscription storage and selection through features such as the shared carousel, which allows users to recommend high-quality series to family and friends.

A few details about the Project?

The project started on December 13, 2021, and is still ongoing, ensuring PettersonApps devs have a long-term workload. The team includes 4-5 mobile devs.

The communication between team members and the client is going on well. The client keeps in touch consistently, responds quickly, and provides all the necessary information on time.

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