UNBENCH onboards partner’s Devs for a project that raised $6.5M Series A

UNBENCH onboards partner’s Devs for a project that raised $6.5M Series A

About the project:

Client is an online lending company that provides fast and easy working capital funding to small and medium businesses in South Africa.

In 2014, to support the growth of South African SMEs, Trevor Gosling and Neil Welman decided to provide entrepreneurs with access to working capital.The team of two from Cape Town developed an online application form applying algorithms to offer loans without visiting the bank, making the process easy and saving entrepreneurs' time.Reaching a $6.5M Series A, startup decided to enlarge its tech and data staff and expand its network to contact more SMEs.

To help client achieve goals, we conveyed the project to our partner company SQRD.tech who made it possible by applying at UNBENCH The client was looking for a bunch of Middle + .Net developers. The project overall is supposed to be long-term (1+ year), so SQRD was sure about developer workload in the future.

About the partner:

SQRD.tech - custom software development company from sunny Italy with an R&D office in Latvia and 40 people on board. They are young but ambitious and very tech-savvy.

About the process:

For this position, we had a pool of 125 candidates from the external market and from partner companies. So the competition was pretty intense. However, we managed to hire the first specialist in less than one month.

The interview included three stages:


English check and Tech Expert Interview (1 hour)


Intro with Tech Lead (15 – 30 minutes)


Intro with a client (30 – 45 minutes)

As SQRD.tech replied to requests and submitted candidates on time, in July 2021, the first specialist started working on a current project.

In July 2021, SQRD.tech sent a Lead .Net engineer for consideration due to an open position for a project. Thus, in less than a month, we onboarded one more developer on a project.

Passing each stage of the interview with Kitrum and the client, our partners managed to provide and onboard 4 of their developers by responding to requests from our UNBENCH platform.

Furthermore, we had a great collaboration and completed five projects together in total. Here is feedback from a developer working on a project:

“I clearly understand the goals and values of the project. Some tasks require additional details, but it’s generally fine.”
UNBENCH onboards partner’s Devs for a project that raised $6.5M Series A

Project Management workflow:

For everyday communication, we use Slack

For the weekly meetings, we use Handouts

For Project Management, we use Jira

Finding long-term projects might be challenging. Hence, for 9 years kitrum.dev platform has been helping find projects and unbench specialists. Offering benefits from our side, such as:


ensuring with the timely payment of your specialist's work on our projects


assisting during the project


managing the entire project process


presenting developers’ CV in a "selling" format to our clients


helping your specialists to pass an interview successfully!

Becoming our partner via UNBENCH platform, you increase your chances of getting a long-term project and unbench your specialists effortlessly in a short time from the moment of submitting an application at UNBENCH.